About Jandu Papers

The paper converting industry has a very high level of interest in Jandu paper machines. As one of India's leading manufacturers of paper converting machines since 1980, the company has established a prominent position as a pioneer in the field. At JANDU PAPER, we believe that our success comes from working closely with our customers, and that our customers' success will also benefit us. The manufacturing and fabrication of the paper machines at Jandu Papers are carried out in their own versatile workshop under a stringent quality control environment in order to manufacture products of the highest quality.

We deliver profitability, unwavering quality, and high performance, all in one unbeatable value, with our futuristic business model, designing and manufacturing process forms, and our dynamic and respect-based corporate culture. We utilize high quality issue inputs as well as our well established infrastructure to manufacture high-quality products that comply with international quality standards. We have been experiencing successful performance of our machines both in the India and internationally for many years. Furthermore, we are blessed with a highly capable and committed team that assists us in meeting the demands and needs of our clients. We can also offer our products in various customized specifications, depending on the needs of our clients.

Our company also deals with the film lamination machine for 24" and other formats designed to be compact, energy efficient, and of exceptional quality and durability. Because of the conveniently located operating control panels, the machine may be controlled by just one operator.

Why Us

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1. Customization

2. Quality

3. Reliability

4. Consultancy

5. After Sales Service